Our Constitution


  1. This organization shall be known as the University of California, San Diego (hereinafter referred to as UCSD) chapter of Out in Science, Technology, Engineering, & Mathematics.
  2. The name of this organization shall be Out in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics, or oSTEM@UCSD (hereinafter referred to as oSTEM@UCSD.)
  3. In all advertising efforts, oSTEM@UCSD shall use a logo with the chapter name prominently displayed.


  1. Out in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics is an LGBTQ-affirming organization that aims to provide services and support for students in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics and to create a dynamic network between students and professionals in industry and academia, locally affiliated with the IDEA Resource Center in the Jacobs School of Engineering.


oSTEM@UCSD understands that the University does not assume legal liability for the actions of the organization.
oSTEM@UCSD is a registered student organization at University of California, San Diego, but not part of the University itself.


  1. Membership shall be aimed at supporting students, but shall also remain open to all faculty, staff, and alumni at UCSD.
  2. oSTEM@UCSD shall abide by all federal, state, and local laws and shall be responsible for its own actions, acting legally independent from oSTEM Incorporated.
  3. oSTEM@UCSD shall abide by all policies set forth in the Non-Discrimination Policy of UCSD.


oSTEM@UCSD is a non-profit student organization. Dues may be collected for the UCSD chapter, and as required by the national organization. The treasurer must maintain one or more accounts with UCSD, in order to accept financial transactions from sponsors. By a majority, the Executive Board of oSTEM@UCSD must approve any expenses for the chapter.

Section 1 - Positions:

  1. The elected officers of oSTEM@UCSD can be: President, Vice-President Internal, Vice-President External, Treasurer, Secretary, Publicity/Outreach Chair, and Graduate Chair.

Section 2 - Requirements:

  1. Only members who have participated in at least one non-executive meetings/events are eligible to hold office and vote in elections.
  2. Only registered UCSD students may hold office in the organization. Only registered UCSD students may vote in elections for the selection of the organization’s officers.

Section 3 - Elections:

  1. The positions of President, Vice-President Internal, Vice-President External, Treasurer, Secretary, Outreach Chair, and Graduate Chair will be elected annually in Spring Quarter by week 6.
  2. A majority vote shall be required for elections. If no candidate for an office receives a majority vote by the second round of voting, the candidate receiving the lowest number of votes for that position shall be dropped from each consecutive ballot until one candidate receives a majority of the votes.

Section 4 - Term of Office:

  1. Interim executive committee meetings are the four executive board meetings immediately following the elections. There will be two meetings when the Spring semester begins. During these meetings the existing board shall train the newly elected board on the duties for which they will be responsible.
  2. Officers shall be elected for one year. Their term will begin immediately after being elected.

Section 5 - Vacancy in Office:

  1. A vacancy in any office, other than that of President, shall be filled by appointment by the President with the majority approval of the existing Executive Board.
  1. Should the office of President become vacant, the Vice-President External shall automatically become President.

Section 6 - Duties:

  1. Executive Committee:
    1. These officers shall serve on the Executive Committee, perform the duties prescribed in these Bylaws, and perform such other duties as are directed by the organization. The following duties prescribed are an outline/skeleton of guidelines for each position.
    2. The Executive Committee shall be composed of the current Executive Board.
    3. The Board will hold bi-weekly meetings, which shall be attended by all officers unless acceptable notification is given. All members must arrive on time and be prepared for the meeting.
    4. The Board must plan and execute bi-weekly general body meetings as well as events such as socials, professional development nights, etc. on weeks in which general body meetings do not occur.

Executive Board:

I. President

II. Vice President - Internal

III. Vice President - External

IV. Treasurer

V. Secretary

VI. Publicity Chair/Outreach Chair

Section 7 - Misconduct

  1. A member of the Executive Committee may be removed from their office due to gross negligence of their duties as outlined in this Constitution. A discussion among the Executive Board is required. A vote of no confidence by a majority of the other members of the Core Executive Board, long with the consideration of a vote by the Extended Executive Board shall constitute an Executive Committee member’s removal from office. Only Core Executive Board members can propose the removal of a member of the Executive Committee.

Section 1: Amendments

Proposed amendments to these bylaws shall be submitted in writing. The proposed amendments shall be submitted for review to the Executive Committee, which will present the proposal along with its recommendation to the general membership. A two-thirds vote of the presently attending general membership, as described for the status of a voting member, shall be necessary for adoption of any bylaw amendment.